Crocheted blue cotton dress QUEEN OF THE STREET


Crochet dresses for casual as well as for special events – either way you cannot be overlooked. The dress is made of 100% mercerised cotton yarn. The dress is very pleasant, glossy and easy to maintain. This high-quality yarn is pilling-resistant. The dress comes with a washing net, so the maintenance of your dress is much easier. The dress can be washed in a washing machine at 60 ° C. As we never produce two identical pieces, you will become the Queen of the Street!

Size: M, L

Dimensions: the dress was measured on a hanger; as the dress is elastic, it can be stretched to several sizes

breast circumference: 92cm

waist circumference: 76cm

hip circumference: 95cm

dress length: 100cm

sleeve length: 53cm

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