We are presenting you a dream house in a briefcase with a doll. This is the only piece of it and it will never be produced again. We designed it with love and we believe that your child will be charmed by the unique suitcase that he or she can comfortably take everywhere 🙂



Made of 100% cotton yarn, filled with anti-allergic hollow fiber. Hair is very soft, made of polyester and improve the overall appearance. We made the outfit suitable for all four seasons of the year 🙂


List of used woods:

Ash (body case)

Cherry (chairs, mirror frame and small elements in the table)

Beech (logs used for hangers)

Oak (cabinets & lockers)

Pear (table)

Pine (body briefcase, teapot, bed)

Maple (door of top cabinet – light color)

Cottonwood (structure of drawers – except its front side)

Spruce (table)

Agate (bed)

Prunus (cups/glasses)

Sour cherry – small pieces (handle on chests and cabinets)


The case was produced by combining these twelve types of woods exclusively from Slovak forests, fruit trees orchards and gardens. The main part – body of the briefcase is made of ashwood (solid wood) and pine plywood. Separating partitions are made of pine plywood with an ashwood bar, which has a decorative function.

Pine plywood is strong enough even at a lower thickness – which we need mainly due to saving space, but also the weight of the whole briefcase. Pine plywood also has a very interesting and varied drawing and it is the only plywood with such a distinctive pattern.

Built-in furniture such as drawers and cabinets are made of hard quality and well-dried oak wood, as it has been used for centuries to produce solid wood furniture.

The oak can also be found in the table structure, where also other woods were used in addition to the oak. In the middle of the table there is a beautiful drawing of a cross-cut pear (from our own sources).

Pear was over 60 years old and throughout its lifetime it was well cared for – which is reflected in rich crops each year, but especially in quality, very hard and healthy wood. The table hides also pieces of another “fruit” and that is a beautiful cherry wood. Cherry wood was used in the production of chairs as well as the production of the mirror frame. The last piece of this set of furniture is the bed – consists of a agate frame, the front of the bed (transversely cut hard ashwood) as well as pine plywood.

Mirror: For safety reasons, the plastic sheet is glued on the back of the mirror, which, in the case of a mechanical damage prevents glass from shattering. The mirror itself is additionally protected from both sides by a foam material. If necessary, the mirror with the frame can also be serviced.

Both the door and the drawers are fixed in the closed position (to prevent self-opening) with a small, but sufficiently strong neodymium magnet. Hinges/hubs are designed with embedded carbon pins.

All parts of the furniture, equipment and the entire briefcase are fixed with the professional single-ingredient glue with high resistance. For the most used joints are also used screws and pins to increase the strength.

Treatment of the briefcase:

The wood is treated for a longer lifetime with a mixture of natural vegetable oils and waxes (sunflower oil, thistle oil, soybean oil, carnauba wax, candelilla wax). It is a water-resistant and anti-abrasive coating.

The coating is safe for humans, animals and plants according to DIN 53 160 norm and is suitable for children toys according to EN 71.3 norm

Product: OSMO – Pure wax

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