About Us

For a long time, I have been thinking about what to write about myself. Finally, I decided not to think about it anymore and write from my heart. I am an ordinary woman who loves handmade works. During the time when I was learning to crochet and knit, I found a value that cannot be matched by anything else. The value of quality and uniqueness. Hand-made products are better, warmer and convey love and positive emotions of a person who made them with their own hands using only a needle or hook.

My goal was to make my customers feel unique and special and I guarantee that no two identical pieces will ever be made. You will never see a person walking down the street, working in the office or dancing in the dance hall wearing the same attire as you do.

It took me a few years to combine these irreplaceable values with my passion to help others. Each purchase supports people who found themselves in a socially disadvantageous situation where a survival is sometimes a matter of great sacrifice. By buying our products, you can make dreams of some women to come true.


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